Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Press Release: The Journal of Short Film Releases Volume 13 (Fall 2008)

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The Journal of Short Film releases Volume 13 (Fall 2008)

(December 9, 2008) The Journal of Short Film released Volume 13 (Fall 2008) today. The JSF is a quarterly DVD that, to date, has published over 140 filmmakers from 12 countries. With its thirteenth volume, the JSF has officially come of age. Its place as one of the greatest repositories of short films has been assured.

Volume 13 continues the Journal’s tradition of genre-leaping and eclecticism. Well known festival hits sit next to more underground works. Themes of family history and the uncertainties of youth begin to emerge, but, in the end, the volume’s only unifying quality is the films’ excellence.

Here is the complete list:

1. MY OLYMPIC SUMMER – Daniel Robin (2007, 13:00) Combining suspense with hollowed out nostalgia, my olympic summer is about mothers, fathers, internal and exterior events, ultimately evoking a lyrical truth rather then literal accuracy. 2. CORNER DELANCEY – Neil Ira Needleman (2008, 8:00) A rare disease brings a father and son closer together—even as it pushes them further apart. 3. THE SON OF SAMSONITE – Mike Olenick (2002, 9:33) Composed of memories of other images, The Son of Samsonite is filled with irony and black humor, puns and pop songs, and a troubled relationship unfolding amongst disasters. 4. BY MODERN MEASURE – Matthew Lessner (2006, 5:50) An amateur French sociologist presents his observations on a day in the life of two young Americans who meet by chance outside a Taco Bell. 5. THE GREETING FROM MY MOTHER – Katja Straub (2007, 12:00) The Greeting From My Mother traces the sublime and almost invisible bonds of motherhood, daughterhood, and sisterhood over "one hundred years and two world wars." 6. THE ASTRUM ARGENTUM – Jon Behrens (2006, 6:00) It is mostly a hand-painted and step-printed film. I also created the sound design for this film.

The Journal continues to have a free and open submissions process. Submissions should be sent to The JSF, PO Box 8217, Columbus, OH 43201, USA. The Journal remains ad-free and committed to independent and underrepresented work.

Contact: Karl Mechem, publisher, The Journal of Short Film, contact (at) theJSF.org.