Thursday, March 26, 2009

VOLUME 14 To Be Released April 4!

The long-awaited and much-murmured-about Volume 14 is a swelling wave that will break upon your shores on April 4th. The wave has gotten higher and higher with every rumor and with every name leaked. Okay, now the metaphor is starting to sound threatening; anyway, just know that Vol.14 will seriously sweep you away.

We were going to withhold the list of artists included on Vol.14 until the 4th, but someone in the office got overheated and went ahead and posted them on the website. So we’ll let you navigate over there if you want a sneak peak.

Volume 14 is subtitled “Selections from the Art & Tech Residency Program at the Wexner Center for the Arts.” Curated by Jennifer Lange and Paul Hill at the Wexner Center, the collection is a stunning body of work from some of our leading filmmakers.

More news to come.