Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Journal Of Short Film Releases Volume 20

The Journal of Short Film is pleased to announce the immediate release of Volume 20 on DVD. The Journal of Short Film is a not for profit peer reviewed publication that is devoted to the distribution of the underrepresented medium of short film. To date the Journal of Short Film has published and distributed 199 films from over 200 filmmakers from its completely free submissions process.

In is most technically diverse publication yet, the Journal of Short Film presents nine short works exploring themes utilizing unique methods specific to the cinematic experience. Several of the works reveal the film making process while others carefully conceal it. Meditate on each work's visceral theme as it is continued in variations through out this volume.

The Journal of Short Film Volume 20 Contents:

1. Themes & Variations for the Naked Eye – Caitlin Horsmon (2007; 11:01)
A curious character evokes sensuality through touch, taking the audience through visceral excavations of a series of bodies.

2. >>Re-considering The new Industrial Parks near Irvine, California by Lewis Baltz, 1974 << – Mario Pfeifer (2009; 12:56)
The film revisits one of the industrial structures Lewis Baltz documented in his historic "New Topographics" with an eleven minute tracking shot on split screen.

3. Pancakes for Dad – Stacie Sells (2009; 3:31)
An "Milk in the batter! Milk in the batter! We make cakes and nothing is the matter!" Maurice Sendak

4. Two Men – Ian Olds (2005; 16:20)
A nameless protagonist, with a gun in his hand and a stranger in his car, sets out to prove to himself and his friends that he is not a coward.

5. The Sinking Ship – Shawn Downey & Brian Hearn (2002; 7:00)
Based on a story by Robert Louis Stevenson, this period animation tells the tale of a nutty ship's captain who ignores the warnings from his crew that the vessel is in distress, igniting a philosophical rant.

6. photo-synthesis – Lisa Danker (2005; 3:40)
Shot on Kodachrome and 7363 high-contrast positive film, the footage was distressed with bleach and other materials, which resulted in nuanced colors and patterns that were then optically step-printed.

7. Fledgling – Tony Gault & Elizabeth Henry (2009; 7:15)
A short documentary that explores notions of domestication, both in humans and wild animals.

8. Chemical – Sean McHenry (2009; 9:26)
A semi-silent film on standard 16mm film using a Krasnogorsk K-3 and a Bolex H-16 camera. A jilted woman with a misplaced trust and a story to tell that will never be told.

9. Aftermath on Meadowlark Lane – Zellner Bros. (2007; 10:00)

While on their way to a mariachi recital, a devastating car crash forces a mother and her two sons to confront the truth about their past.

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